9GreenBox -Tineke Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus - NEW yet very OLD! - 4" Pot

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Ficus elastica is the classic Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant or India Rubber Plant. Native to India and Malaysia, elastica is among the oldest plants used as houseplants worldwide. As a houseplant, Ficus is very popular. Able to adapt to and endure lower light conditions and generally poor treatment, The Rubber Tree is a winner indoors. Provide as much light as possible, keep away from cold and drafts in winter, keep soil lightly to moderately moist with good drainage. Most any soil will be fine and largely sandy soils mixed with some organics are ideal. Light fertilization is best. Ficus elastica 'Tineke', "VARIEGATED RUBBER TREE" - Nice selection of this tropical, evergreen tree; large, shiny leaves attractively marbled cream, green & gray-green; indoor or summer patio site, outdoors in mildest Inland areas.
  • RUBBER TREE PLANT - Rubber tree plant is natively found in areas of India and Malaysia, one of the oldest houseplant that is used as a houseplant over the years and around the world. Rubber plant is the best plant in removing chemical toxins from the air in indoor environment. They can reach an estimated height of 8 inch tall when provided with proper care and good conditions.
  • GROWING RUBBER TREE PLANT - In growing rubber plants they prefer bright light but can adapt to low light places. They are at there best when they are placed in warm to average temperature room levels. Water your rubber tree troughly but do not over water. Fertilized regularly with a water-soluble fertlizer and your plant will stay healthy as what you wished it to be.
  • TAKING CARE OF RUBBER TREE - when you noticed that the leaves of your tree becomes dusty, you can simply wash those dust with water. Rubber trees are pests free but other than pests and insects, over watering is one of the main reason why they usually die. It is important to give time and allow the soil to dry before watering your plant again to avoid the roots to decay and yellowish of the leaves.
  • PRUNING RUBBER TREE PLANT - If your rubber tree is mature enough, you can cut about a third to one-half of it's brances or how many branches you prefer to remove just be carefull enough not to damage or remove too much foliage required.
  • 9GreenBox Tineke Rubber Tree Plant will be shipped in a 4" inch Pot

Plant Category Plant
Number of Customer Ratings 35
Gender Unisex
Product Name 9GreenBox -Tineke Rubber Tree Plant - Ficus - NEW yet very OLD! - 4" Pot
Manufacturer 9GreenBox
Condition New
Manufacturer Part Number TR-002
Color Black, Green
Brand 9GreenBox
Assembled Product Weight 13 oz
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 14.00 x 4.00 x 4.00 Inches

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